Do you Believe You Have Had Contact?
Would you like to find out What is Happening to You?
Would you like to know more information about Universal Beings?
Do you have unexplained loss of time or memory?
Do You Have Concerns About Hear Voices or Unexplainable Negative 
Thoughts In Your Head That May Be Coming from Universal Beings?
Have You Had Vivid Dreams of Other Beings, Being on a Ship or Taken Off World?
Do You Live Your Life In Fear Because of Unexplained Events Or Missing Gaps of Time in Your Memory?
Have Your Ever Experienced Unexplained Marks on Your Body?
Galactic Awakenings Services

Remote or Individual Personalized Session
with Shannon and Jerry

Full Body and Energy Scan

Implant Removal

Tools for Protection, Empowerment,
 and Enlightenment of your Situation

Complete Energy Clearing

Chakra Alignment and Clearing

Third Eye Repair or Upgrade

Cellular Memory Clearing

DNA Activation 

Client Consent and Release of Liability

I understand that I am ultimately responsible for my own health, healing, and well-being. I understand that the practitioner can help me to reconnect to the divine life within me to empower and promote self healing and well-being which can enhance the quality of my life. I understand that the practitioner will keep ALL information he learns about me COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL as required by law, except when I give permission to the practitioner to work with additional healers for their services.

For legal purposes it is understood that all psychic readings, consultations, and energy healings are intended to offer an insight into a person’s personal life and do not in anyway constitute legal, professional, financial or medical advice. For legal purposes it is also understood that all readings and healing sessions are for reference purposes only, no guarantees are implied or stated.

I understand that working with the practitioners is NOT a substitute for professional, legal, financial, traditional medical or psychiatric care. I understand that the practitioner does NOT diagnose illnesses and I am to seek the advice of a licensed medical doctor regarding any health concerns. I intend to REMAIN under the care of my primary healthcare provider.

I agree to set a personal intention for my own healing and allow the practitioner to aid me by administering his unique spiritual healing techniques and modalities on my behalf. I understand that energy healing could cause increased emotionality and perhaps temporary discomfort. Any decisions I make because of a reading or healing session I do of my own free will and of my own accord. I agree to personally settle ALL disagreements or disputes that I have with the practitioner.

All Rights Reserved. All clients must be at least 18 years of age or have consent by either parent or guardian. I release all owners, partners, participants, healers and readers from any responsibilities over any choices or decisions I make from a reading or a healing session.

Enjoy the benefits of Implant removal from two of the top practitioners in the field. 
Each Session Includes Work From Both Practitioners

Remote Removal and Clearing $200
including a full report on the individual process of removal (what was found and where)
Follow Up with Shannon and Jerry (if necessary on the report) $80 includes a 45 minute explanation of findings and how it was removed

Video or Phone Session 
with Shannon and Jerry $300 
includes removal and scanning report. 

Individual Personalized Session
 via Video Conferencing or Phone
 with Shannon and Jerry

Trauma Healing

Removal Of Blocks

Empowerment to Release Fear

Soul Alignment and Fragment Retrieval 

Broken Soul Infusion

Karmic Contracts Completion

Lesson and Virtue Discovery

Past Life Cleansing and Empowerment

Path Discovery and Awakening

Coaching Services

​Explanations to Questions or Concerns 
that directly apply to your situation